New Unified Search Window & Searching Lists of Patent Numbers

We’ve made some nice enhancements to AcclaimIP this week.

The first thing you’ll notice is the “Quick Search” and “Advanced Search” icons are gone from the AcclaimIP desktop. We replaced them with a single icon and window simply called “Search.”

The new window is better organized including all your search options in a single window for easier access and fewer clicks.

The second enhancement you’ll notice is a new search option called “Number Search.” With Number Search, you paste in a list of up to 5000 patent document numbers and bring them up in the search result grid without having to first import them into a research folder. Number Search is a great time saver when you want to quickly review a list of patents emailed to you or provided to you in a spreadsheet.

I hope you enjoy the new efficiencies we’ve added to AcclaimIP!

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