Improved Patent Image View Window

You may remember how you could always view patents by their images or figures. 

Customers love the feature but wanted even more.  Now the patent Image Viewer takes advantage of your entire screen and dynamically changes pagination to best fit your particular screen

If you are using a small laptop you may only be able to see three or four patents figure sets at a time.  If you have a high-resolution display then you can see 30 patent image sets at once like I can.  My lucky friend Mark K. has dual 4K displays and he can see over 300 sets of  patent figures on each page!

Even better, there’s nothing to set.  It is responsive.  Just change your window size and AcclaimIP will reflow the patent figures to best fit the available space.

Check out this quick video that shows the improved Image Viewer in action, then login and try it yourself!

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