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Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide is designed to get you up-to-speed quickly. It is full of illustrations and examples showing you how to search patent documents using AcclaimIP.

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Syntax Instructions

The AcclaimIP Syntax Instruction Guide is a 6-page document describing how to format advanced queries in AcclaimIP. The guide is available in the application at Start>Help>Syntax Instructions or as a downloadable PDF.

Download the Syntax Instructions

Cheat Sheet

A one-page PDF describing the most common field codes. It contains brief examples for each field code. The online version, located in the application at Start>Help>Cheat Sheet, and the online help at https://help.acclaimip.com have additional fields, and more explanations and examples.

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The best way to get up to speed quickly is to watch a few videos. We are constantly updating our video library. If you are brand new to the software, please watch the Getting Started Video.

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Online Help

We recentely did a completey overhaul on our help managment system and added 400 pages of new help content. It is searchable.

Go to https://help.acclaimip.com


Got a question that probably has a simple answer? You’ll find it in our FAQ section.

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