Speed, Ease-of-Use, and Global Patent Data

What is AcclaimIP?

It’s the world’s fastest, most data-complete, and easy-to-use patent search and analyst software. It is designed to work the way you do, combining a large suite of tools into a single platform designed to make you more efficient, more accurate and confident that your patent research output is spot on.


AcclaimIP has patent data from 40 full text English translated collections, and an additional 62 countries covered by patent abstract data.

AcclaimIP has patent data from 40 full text English translated collections, and an additional 62 countries covered by patent abstract data.

Big Data, and Lots of It.

AcclaimIP contains almost 100 million global patent documents from 102 patenting jurisdictions. 40 full text collections are all translated into English including the ones you need most: US, EP, WO, DE, CN, KR, JP, CA, AU, GB, FR among many others. All full text collections include direct links to the PDFs in their original languages. See our full description of the patent data collections we cover.

Data Complemented with Helper Data Sets

Patent data by itself is not enough to do patent research. AcclaimIP enhances the patent data with global legal events, maintenance data, assignment (patent transaction) data, normalized assignee, family data, citation data, normalized agent fields, and current patent owners.


High performance patent search

High Performance Search & Analysis

AcclaimIP was forged from the fires of FreePatentsOnline.com, which hosts thousands of concurrent users with blazing speed. The same high performance architecture drives AcclaimIP’s data structures, enabling lightening-fast searches, and complex technology landscapes not possible in other patent research tools.

Unique Yet Familiar User Interface

All great desktop user interfaces like Mac OS and MS Windows use a windowing metaphor because it is very efficient to get your work done in a multi-tasking environment.  AcclaimIP provides a similar user interface design which allows you to take tangential paths through the data without losing your original searches.



Powerful Technology Searching

There are two ways to find a patent covering a specific technology: Keywords and classifications. And when it comes to class searching, CPC is the king of the classification systems. AcclaimIP’s implementation gives you a level of sensitivity only found in our platform. Search the hierarchy; build automated landscapes and search by First, Inventive and Additional classes in any combination.

Integrate Your Private Data

More than just a patent research tool, AcclaimIP also stores and displays your private data in a secure environment and user authentication model. Include private patent ratings, internal taxonomies, comments and even URL links on all your patents. Search filters are automatically generated using your private data. Private data can be queried in the same super-fast search technology that drives our public data. Import, Export, and chart your private data directly in AcclaimIP.



Automated Patent Ratings/Rankings

Patents are scored from 1 to 100 based on their characteristics of being a quality patent. Metrics include citation data, length of claims, degree of claim amendment during prosecution, and strength of technology in a field called Patent Score or P-Score. The P-Score is further subdivided into component scores based on Technical, Legal and Citation strength.

Technology Landscaping

Patent technology landscapes are automated and are based on your choice of patent classifications or keyword/concept clusters. Once generated, and with just a little training, patent landscapes can be modified by you to dial them in even better. Landscapes can be queried or filtered just like other patent data in AcclaimIP, allowing you landscape patents matching your technology segments and matching some other condition, such as acquired patents, patents issued in the last year, or flipped to look at only one collection, like China or the US.



Powerful Visualizations

Communicate your research findings to your clients and colleagues with over 30 unique visualizations, reports and dashboard data views. Export your data directly to a spreadsheet for further analysis in Excel or other external system.

The Technology You Need From the Company You Trust

We launched the intellectual property management revolution with ANAQUA and FreePatentsOnline.com. Today, with ANAQUA 8.6 and AcclaimIP, you get more done with fewer resources than ever before.



Easy to try

Just fill out the AcclaimIP free trial form or give us a call at +1-617-375-5808 and we will set you up with a free trial of AcclaimIP. We are also happy to schedule a demo and show you how you get more done in less time than ever with AcclaimIP!