Prosecution Analytics in AcclaimIP

Prosecution Analytics

Prosecution Analytics enable you to develop a smart prosecution strategy for your patents with a unique set of charts derived from AcclaimIP’s complete US file wrapper data that reveal the past behavior of the patent examiner, the law firm, and the art unit to inform and guide successful response to US office actions. 19 charts and visualizations support successful patent prosecution at each phase from responding to the first office action, requesting an interview, filing an RCE or initiating an appeal.

  • Compare statistics from multiple points of view
  • Identify examples of successful patents and view File Wrapper
  • View relevant rejections and responses in File Wrapper data
  • Share with colleagues even outside your organization

Figure 1. Sharable Patent Prosecution Analytics reports are available for all published US patents and applications.


Patent Examiner Statistics

Patent allowance rates vary between art units. Some allow over 90% of patent applications filed, while other art units allow fewer than 10 percent of applications filed.

patent examiner statistics

Figure 2: Comparing patent examiners’ allowance rates in the same art unit can indicate how difficult your patent prosecution may be and can inform your strategy with a particular patent examiner.


Even within the same art unit, patent allowance rates vary between individual patent examiners.  Examiner statistics disclose who are you dealing with and may suggest the best path forward for your specific case.

art unit allowance rate

For example, when determining whether to amend your claims, or argue though them, you first should know whether your patent examiner has a history of conceding claims, and you may even want specific examples of cases that were successfully prosecuted with no claim amendments.  Further, how your patent examiner’s statics compare to his or her art unit helps you make better decisions during patent prosecution, lowers your costs and delivers higher quality granted patents.

Figure 3:  Group art unit 3622 is one of the toughest at the USPTO with long pendency and a Delta Claim Length (Δ-CL) of over 146 words. 50% of those that grant require four or more office action responses with claim amendments!


Patent Prosecution Analytics in Action

patent prosecution analytics To view a live example of patent prosecution analytics, click the link below.  You’ll be redirected to the reader application, which you can share with your clients and colleagues.  Note that the report also includes tabs for a Patent Analysis Report and the official Patent PDF.

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