40 Full Text English Translated Patent Data Collections

40 Full Text English Translated Patent Data Collections

We are happy to announce the addition of 40 full text patent data collections to AcclaimIP. We scoured the earth and acquired every global patent we could find in full text, if it was also translated into English.

40 Full Text English Translated Patent Collections

AcclaimIP recently added 40 full text English translated patent collections to the database.

You may have noticed already since the expanded data has been trickling in for the past month. Additional collections will be integrated each week until we are fully up to date and processing the weekly updates for every jurisdiction we support.

Already you’ll find full text English for JP, CN, KR and many other collections in AcclaimIP, and over the next month you’ll see more coming in.

Both Searcher and Analyst seats will have access to all the patent data we have.

PDFs will also become available in their native language for the full text collections.  If you need to get a human translation of the patent, you won’t have to hunt for documents on websites where you don’t speak the native language.

AcclaimIP also contains abstract data on another 62 global patent collections, for a total of 102 patenting jurisdictions supported in AcclaimIP.

See the complete list of country coverage by AcclaimIP patents.