About Us


FreePatentsOnline founders James Ryley and Erik Reeves along with a new partner Matt Troyer conceived AcclaimIP in the summer of 2010.

Our goal from the beginning was to make patent research software easier to use, higher performance and more complete, with innovative features that help our clients do a better job in less time.

The FreePatentsOnline legacy is what keeps us focused on performance. Amazing features that take 30 minutes to run don’t get used, so we built on our legacy of performance and created AcclaimIP.com.

AcclaimIP is now our flagship product that brings high-end patent search and analysis to our customers at an affordable price.

James has a PhD in molecular biology, is a registered patent agent and a creative at heart.  Erik runs the daily operations of the company including managing the development team and keeps everybody focused on our broad vision.  Matt leads the AcclaimIP sales and marketing effort by interacting with the customers, leading the sales team, and specifying new features from customer requests.

We launched the AcclaimIP in January 2012 with excellent reception. Since then we have consistently improved the software, doing a new build about every two weeks, improving everything from the user interface, performance, new features and new data collections.

In March of 2016, AcclaimIP was acquired by Anaqua, Inc.  The entire team moved over to Anaqua.  We’ve hired more developers to accelerate our development, more customer service people to better service our customers.  We also acquired 40 full text English translated patent collections, giving us the most complete set of patent data and original PDFs.  We also acquired Patent River who are experts in Public PAIR data, and we look forward to integrating the new data into AcclaimIP.